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Return Path Whitelist Blankets 1.2 Billion Inboxes

All I want for Valentine's Day
is Sender Score certification.

Return Path's Sender Score Certified whitelist has broadened to over 1.2 billion email inboxes. According to Return Path, this represents a 100 percent growth from the same time last year and marks the acceptance of authentication procedures as standard.

ISPs that accept the Sender Score Certified whitelist include GoDaddy, Yahoo, Time Warner Cable and Windows Live Hotmail, reports DMNews.

Return Path authenticates ISP messages to ensure they don't get lost in spam filters. Sender Score Certified emails receive preferential treatment over other marketing deliveries.

Becoming Sender Score Certified involves what Return Path calls a "rigorous screening process." Loyal Rewards and Cloudmark — whose ISPs include Earthlink, Cox Communications and Comcast — most recently earned Sender Score certification.


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