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QR Codes Move into the School Room

It appears that Millennials are not drawn to QR Codes, but the generation after them might be. If they are, it will be due to some schools’ initiatives involving QR codes in the class room. Teachers at Beatrice Middle School, in Beatrice, NE, have created teaching materials using QR codes that supplement course work.

The students download a free app to their mobile device. The app finds the code, downloads it and sends the device to a link, such as a YouTube video about the California Gold Rush, according to the Beatrice Daily Sun.

Young and Uninterested

A growing number of studies show that college-age people are not as impressed with QR code technology as older consumers—or marketers, for that matter.

Marketing firm Archirival found that only 21% of college students it surveyed have successfully scanned a QR code before, and 75% said they don't plan on scanning one in the future.

Ditto for augmented realty technology, according to new survey data from Ypulse. It found that young, tech-savvy Millennials, have a hard time figuring it out—much as they do QR Codes.

In fact, only 11% of high schoolers and collegians have ever used an AR app, according to Ypulse. "During the holiday season, retailers like Macy's and brands like Starbucks tried to get customers in the spirit with AR apps. They're fun and clever, but as with QR codes, Millennials don’t always get the point," says Melanie Shreffler, Ypulse’s editor-in-chief.


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