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QR Codes Add Payment Capability to the Mix

Mobile shopping walls from which consumers can buy products. Billing statements rigged so consumers can wave a phone over the document and pay the amount owed. Takeout menus that include a payment option. All of these payment applications start off with the consumer scanning in a QR code.

Vendors, intrigued by this technology and the myriad QR code-based marketing applications that have come to market, are starting to deploy it in other situations, such as payment.

QR Codes for Car Loans

Toyota Financial Services has launched an iPhone app that incorporates personalized QR code technology, allowing customers to access their accounts through their smart phone.

Customers download the TFS app and then scan a personalized QR code on their billing statement, which gives them access to their account. Toyota launched its mobile-enhanced site for its customers in January and expects that about 20% of its smartphone-owning customers will start bypassing the site to pay their bills directly, says Karen Ideno, head of Marketing & Brand at TFS.

"We needed to provide an option that would give them immediate access to their accounts, even if they've never registered on-line prior to downloading the app. Our use of personalized QR code technology allows them to do just that."

More than 5,200 users have already downloaded the app. This month, customers will begin to see their personalized QR code on their billing statements with an invitation to download the app.

QR-enabled Takeout Menus, Toy Purchases Via Mobile Walls

Los Angeles-based Paperlinks has launched a new product that uses QR codes to enable customers to order from takeout menus. (via socalTECH). Customers scan a QR code on a takeout flier using their mobile phone, which takes them directly to an ordering page.

Once there, the customer orders and pays for the food.

Sears is also using QR codes to facilitate payment via a series of mobile shopping walls it has installed throughout the country at airports, malls, movies theaters and bus shelters. The walls let customers to buy Sears toys through their mobile devices using QR codes, Retail Week reports.


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