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Proliferation of Personas Sparks Market for Impersonators

Fill in the blanks

Those who understand the importance of online networking, but are unable - or simply disinclined - to invest the time necessary to keep myriad profiles, blogs and newsfeeds updated, may consider paying someone to do it for them, per the BBC.

One social networking participant in London writes, "I met somebody the other day who told me that online networking was so important, and he didn't have the time, he was paying somebody [£1,000 a month] to be him online.

"Apparently it's a new occupation which he reckons already numbers hundreds of people, paid to be other people!"

Maintaining the contacts fostered on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Xanga or Blogger is hardly a one-click process, and may indeed be worth doling cash out to someone who can take the time to make a busy user look lively on the 'net.

Entrepreneur Brent Hoberman, founder of, takes a different tack. "I think if I could get someone else to manage my e-mail then I could outsource social networking," he said.

"But I can't, and think one has slightly lost the plot if that happens."


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