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Pillsbury Campaign Ties TV to Mobile CTA

Pillsbury is running a television campaign for its crescent rolls on television that includes a mobile call to action. The TV ads will run through the month, featuring the Shazam logo that users are urged to snap during the commercials to learn more about the product, according to Mobile Marketer.

The Shazam logo appears in the upper right-hand corner, which can be scanned with the Shazam iPhone and Android app. The app uses voice recognition to save the content as a tag for users to later access, Mobile Marketer explains.

TV Meets Mobile More and More

Another example of a brand marrying a TV campaign to a mobile CTA is Coca Cola, and its so-called Chok campaign in Hong Kong.  Coke combined a television commercial with a mobile app and instant win promotion. The the app was downloaded 390,000 times in large part because of the novel way the app worked–similar to a Wii, it turned the mobile phone into a remote controller.

The TV and YouTube Connection

Television campaigns are also increasingly being matched up with complementary YouTube ads, for similar results.  Google recently partnered with Ipsos to measure the relative and combined effects of YouTube in-stream ads and TV ads on ad recall and brand metrics across six advertiser campaigns.

It found that people who watched both YouTube and TV ads showed a 2X increase in brand recall than people who only saw TV ads. Those that only watched a YouTube ad had a brand recall rate 1.5X those who only watched a TV ad.


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