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Peak Cable & the ANA Lashing Out at Online | Facebook's Treachery Remembered, Not Forgiven | AOL Sells Its Editorial Dept for $5 Million


  • Traditional cable companies continue to slowly bleed customers, losing 2 million, or about 4 percent of their subscribers. Telecom companies like Verizon and AT&T picked up some of that slack, adding about 300,000 subscribers to their various video offerings.
  • MediaPost reports that traditional media advertising representatives, like the ANA's Bob Liodice, are seizing on measurement problems surfacing in the online realm. Liodice pointed to ROI problems stemming from the high overhead of online campaigns relative to media spend and to certain types of buys that have very poor viewability. One solution put on the table is the moving of marketing dollars away from online. Another could be a gross-ratings-point-based common measure that would allow marketers to compare exposure figures across media. Such an "e-grp" metric could favor those media with the largest scales at the expense of those more narrowly targeted. AdExchanger published a piece today in defense of the GRP, which among online media executives has suffered a long run of ridicule since 1995.


  • For the sheer calumny of it, Facebook didn't appear to suffer much in the way of consequences after it arbitrarily reduced the value of the expensively-won "like" pools that major brands bought over years of advertising on Facebook. The social media giant one day cut off the ability of those advertisers to communicate organically with their own earned audience. But the issue keeps resurfacing, most recently with Forrester's Nate Elliott providing a rundown of marketer and agency angst, which seems to be worsening as it festers. Marketers are reaching only 6 percent of the audiences they once considered bought and paid for; they are looking for Facebook alternatives; and they more recently are concerned that the "likes" that they do have may be fictive users that Facebook has seemed to be inordinately tolerant of.


  • AOL, particularly its Huffington Post division, is renting its editorial credibility to MillerCoors in a $5 million "native advertising" deal that will see HuffPo writers sling copy for the beer maker and figure out various ways of getting it in front of their viewers that appear to be new programs. As a site known to concentrate on link bait and more salacious news, the native ad deal is less likely to offend its audience or to negatively affect its branding.


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