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PayPerPost Unveils Gaggle of New Blog Ad Offerings

Uniting bloggers with brands

Maligned for not requiring disclosure of blogger affiliation with advertisers, PayPerPost is launching new ad offerings that feature targeting and video capabilities, as well as disclosure, writes ClickZ.

Display ads will appear below advertiser-inspired posts that include a "Disclosure Badge," or some visible notice that the content is sponsored. Advertisers will be able to pay bloggers to create videos about their goods and services, as well as run pre- and post-roll ads around blogger-produced spots.

PayPerPost Disclosure Badges can be color-coordinated by the content creator to match the site. Sponsors can expand the features of the badge by adding an ad unit called a BubbleAd, according to PayPerPost. When the viewer's mouse hovers over the badge, it expands into a "thought bubble" containing details about the sponsor and products.

Sponsors can also add images, text and links, "providing synergy between user-generated and sponsor-generated content - all within a full disclosure model," PayPerPost said.

The firm is hoping to woo high-profile networks by automating a system that ranks - and ultimately rewards - bloggers per measurements determined by Google, Technorati and Alexa. The more traffic a blog garners, the higher-priced the ad placement will be.

Detractors continue to argue the paid posts only clutter the web with counterfeit commentary rather than "organic" discussions that revolve around products.


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