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Pajamas Media Blog Network Announced

The scheduled November 16 launch of a right-leaning blog network Pajamas Media was officially announced last week by cofounder Roger L. Simon, although it will include mainstream journalists from the likes of CNBC and the New York Times - and even the left-leaning The Nation, reports CNET. The Pajamas Media site will offer original content, links to affiliate sites published by 70 or so bloggers, and news feeds from sources such as the Associated Press.

Contributors include Glenn Reynolds of and New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor John Podhoretz. "We believe that the power of the blogosphere can transcend the old-fashioned traditional left-right dichotomy in its search for truth," Simon said.

But Pajamas can be seen as competing with the Liberal Blog Advertising Network, which allows advertisers to place ads on more than 70 "liberal and progressive blogs."


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