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Online Media Measurement Further Outpacing Traditional

Do a Little Dance

Even as online media continues to eat the rest of the media world (2013 is slated to be the year online beats out all other media by adspend but for television), the industry continues to torture itself with higher standards of media measurement. A big change being pushed by the big three online media trade groups is using the "viewable impression" as a standard for media transactions, rather than the old plain impression.

Traditional media such as print continue to operate under the presumption that if you bought magazine (or visited that dentist's office), you perused all of those ads. Looking at CPM com parables, online media already offers a great deal more viewing assurance than most traditional media buys. Putting further scrutiny on whether or not someone had a good opportunity to actually see online ads has several effects:

  • It further elevates the quality of impressions of online media versus the others.
  • It reduces online media supply.
  • Larger players (like those who have membership in those trade organizations mentioned above) have the economies of scale and technology capacity to implement this; perhaps leaving out smaller publishers and agencies.


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