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Obama's Acceptance Speech Draws 38.4M American Viewers

Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention attracted 38.4 million American viewers — a larger audience than those that watched the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics (34.2 million viewers), reports the Guardian. (The speech was broadcast on many stations, however; the Olympics opening ceremony only appeared on one.)

The speech was made last Thursday, marking Obama's move to accept nomination for Presidency on the Democratic ticket. It was broadcast at 10pm across a number of channels, of which CNN drew the most viewers: 8.1 million.

ABC, the next-most-watched network for the speech, attracted 6.6 million, followed by NBC (6.1 million) and CBS (4.7). Trailing behind, Fox News drew 4.2 million, MSNBC had 4.1 million and PBS 3.5 million watchers.

View Obama's acceptance speech:

Senator John McCain, Obama's rival to the Presidency, makes his acceptance speech for the Republican ticket this week. McCain stole headlines last week when he chose Sarah Palin, the 44-year-old governor of Alaska, for his running-mate.

Palin began her political career in a local Parent Teachers Association. She is expected to attract woman voters that would otherwise have voted for Senator Hillary Clinton, who lost the Democratic nomination for President to Obama. But Clinton supporters disagree with Palin in major areas, including abortion — which she opposes.


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