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Obama 'Roadblock' Pulls 21.7 Overall Household Rating

Hammin' it up

Barack Obama’s Wednesday night roadblock on most major TV networks pulled a combined overall household rating, in the top 56 local markets, of 21.7, reports MediaBuyerPlanner.

The half-hour simulcast was the first to be aired by a presidential candidate since Ross Perot ran one on Election Day in '96, according to Nielsen.

Obama's ad ran on NBC, CBS, Fox, Univision, MSNBC and NY1. The campaign hoped to run the ad on ABC as well, but that network hesitated to interrupt its Wednesday night schedule because of struggling programs. By the time the network made up its mind to accept the ad, the buy had already been made.

The top market for the ad was Baltimore, which had a household rating of 31.3.


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