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NYT's Nisenholtz Shuns '' Sentiments

In PaidContent's exclusive interview with The New York Times's head of online operations, Martin Nisenholtz pooh-poohed the " sentiment" that the media giant could have recreated a better version of, rather than shelling out $410 million for it. He also wielded the " sentiment" pejorative in an odder use: against the notion that the current online ad market seems a bit like a bubble. "Again, if you'll forgive me, that's a bit of a sentiment… We don't think it's irrational at all that the business can continue to grow for the next period of years at a rate that justifies the price we paid."

Nisenholtz indicated a cynicism on attempts to integrate ad products across the New York Times's diverse publications. He said he couldn't think of many examples where publishing companies successfully packaged up media buys across a network. "We hope we can create group buys, as we have between Boston and New York, in instances where the market demands those buys or wants to buy that way."


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