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Now Will Google Finally Produce a Valid Social Media Ad Offering?

Google’s management shuffle bombshell has set the Internet on fire with speculation that 1) Eric Schmidt was pushed; 2) Eric Schmidt was disgusted with a) Google’s decision to pull out of China b) the myriad lawsuits and government investigations into the company c) the lack of respect from fellow leaders Larry Page and Sergey Brin; 3) Eric Schmidt might actually have been telling the truth in his explanation. Merely that it was time for a refocusing on roles at the company. End users of the company’s ad products, though, are left to wonder what a post-Schmidt Google will look like in terms of product offerings.

Of course, Page helmed the company some ten years ago, but Google was a vastly different organization then.

Another Run at Social Media

While much is still unclear, a consensus is forming that Google is going to try its hand at social media. Again. Despite Facebook’s ascendancy in this area and the exodue of Google staffers to that company.

For starters there was Schmidt’s whimsical goodbye message on Twitter: “day-to-day supervision no longer needed” an attempt, All Facebook speculated, to highlight Google’s effort to return to a start up environment.

Connecting the Dots With What It already Has

Hopefully Google will also better integrate the projects it already has underway, Search Engine Land writes. Or at least provide better guidance as to how they interrelate. “Tell me again. Is my Google Maps activity linked to my Google Buzz activity linked to my Blogger activity linked to my Picasa activity linked to my Latitude activity? And why the hell is Google Hotpot, which is about location, not called Hotspot? And does my activity there link back to all those other Google social things I mentioned?”


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