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Nordstrom Rack Situates Video Screens in Manhattan Construction Site

The construction site of a new Nordstrom Rack in New York City's Union Square is promoting the new store with video screens in the facade of the construction. The 'video wall' gives passersby a sneak preview into the store, which will open May 11.

The screens will also be used at other Nordstrom Rack construction sites across the country. Peephole boxes are cut into the construction wall, where a looped video is run on a mounted monitor. The video takes viewers inside a virtual dressing room, where they watch models stand among rolling racks of clothes and try on different outfits. The video clips run 30 to 90 seconds, and are described as 'fun, provocative and playful.'

Production company Identity helped conceptualize and produce the campaign, writes MediaBuyerPlanner.

"Once we decided on the peephole idea, our challenge was to find a balance in making the films entertaining yet alluring and tasteful," said Andrew Walton, director of Identity. "We wanted to get people off the street interacting and engaging with the brand, and to get them talking and excited about the opening of the new store."

Nordstrom plans to add at least 16 new Nordstrom Rack stores this year and is looking at both urban and suburban sites, according to Style List.

Digital out-of-home campaigns such as Nordstrom's is growing in popularity among marketers as they attempt to reach consumers beyond the TV screen. Other recent campaigns using DOOH include an interactive exhibit in a Los Angeles shopping mall which turns passers-by into blue-skinned Na'vi from the film Avatar and video screens in Lego stores which offer augmented reality views of Lego creations when a Lego product box is held in front of the screen.

"We in the ad industry have long been decrying the demise of the 30-second spot, so my hat’s off to Nordstrom for its willingness to experiment with new and interesting ways to reach its customers," says Walton. Place-based video networks are also an increasingly popular DOOH way to reach consumers.

An estimated 237.4 million location-based video ads were displayed to adult audiences each month in the last four months of 2009, according to a new report from Nielsen. The report finds that 54% of the 237.4 million monthly exposures to persons 18+ were displayed to male audiences, with 46% displayed to females. An estimated 50% of all the monthly exposures were displayed to men and women in the key 18-34 demo.


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