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Nike Campaign Celebrates Thunder Thighs

Nike has launched a new ad campaign focusing on "real" women - and celebrating big butts, thunder thighs and "shoulders that aren't dainty," according to AdAge (via MediaBuyerPlanner). The campaign follows in the wake of a series of Dove ads featuring women from sizes six through 12 that have spawned a flood of criticism and kudos.

As Baby Boomers, still the nation's most powerful demographic, have begun to reach age 35 and beyond since in the 90s, "They've gotten closer to the age where now they know what America really looks like," said Gerald Celente, director of Trends Research Institute.

But whether women want to see ads based on what they really look like or what they could, potentially, look like is unclear. "Do you advertise for desire, or do you advertise toward reality?" Celente asked.

Linda Wells, editor of Allure, claimed that women have changed in the way they view themselves. In a recent study of 1,000 women, the words they used most often to describe their looks were, "natural and real. Those words were used far more than beautiful and pretty and even higher than sexy and glamorous. That's a shift," she says.

The Nike campaign will drive women to There are no TV spots for this campaign.


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