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Nike, Path Venture Makes Jogging Social

It is hard to imagine how the typically solitary exercise of jogging or running could be made social, but leave it to Nike and social journal Path to do so.  The two companies are partnering with the release of Path’s new app, in which users can log their running paths on a map and share their route with friends in real-time.

"Then through your earphones comes a welcome sound," the Path blog says. "It’s your dad, your sister, your best friend––they’re sending cheers your way. Because this morning, the moment your shoes hit the pavement, they saw you start your run on Path. They’re supporting you each step, from across the city, across the country, across the globe. You sprint the hill. With their help, you make it count."

The app will be integrated into both the Nike Plus running app and the Nike Fuel Band.

Playing with Data Visualization

Nike has become very creative in using its customers’ fitness achievements in its advertising. Last year Nike ran an ad based on a data visualization of 12 months worth of Nike+ run data from New York City, according to Digital Buzz blog.

It served as a digital installation in-store ad as well as a reward for the Nike Free Run+2 City Pack Series, it says. "The reward allowed customers to sync their runs to create a custom data painting, that was provided as a high resolution print for them to take home."  Nike laser etched the runner’s name, the distance he or she ran and run path onto a custom fabricated shoe box, which contained a pair of the ‘City Pack’ shoes from their city of origin. YesYesNo NYC helped create the campaign.


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