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New Google Algorithm Hits 35% of Search

Google says it is introducing a new search algorithm that it says will make search results "fresher." The change is a sweeping one – some 35% of all searches will be impacted, which is more than double the impact felt by Panda, Search Engine Land notes.

This algorithm changes builds on the Caffeine web indexing system Google introduced last year. Searches that will be impacted include:

  • Recent events or hot topics. Searches for current events will pull up more high-quality pages that might only be minutes old.
  • Regularly recurring events. Some events take place on a regularly recurring basis. "Without specifying with your keywords, it's implied that you expect to see the most recent event, and not one from 50 years ago," Google says.
  • Frequent updates. There are also searches for information that changes often, but isn’t really a hot topic or a recurring event, such as data about a new type of camera.

One of Several Changes

Google has introduced a number of changes to search in recent weeks, which are adding up to a big cumulative affect. It recently began encrypting searches and outbound clicks. It also introduced a change to Panda, with little notice to search marketers.


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