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New Facebook Targeting | Publishers Hold Noses, Events | Threat of an Omnicomblicis Abates


  • Ad revenues declining, many publishers shaved the perception what is ethical in introducing "native advertising," once referred to pejoratively as "advertorial." Now some are worried that relying on events income is a further infringement on their neutrality, with sponsors potentially paying for access to reporters. Digiday gives a rundown of how different - mostly respected - publications handle this as a matter of policy.



  • The Omnicom-Publicis mashup failed to gel, and now they are going their separate ways. At no time did the combined set of senior executives clearly elucidate the specific upside to the proposed $35 billion merger, aside from remarks about scale being good and about big data being important nowadays - the relevance of which seemed strained, given the existing holding companies' respective siloed structures. Reuters attributed the break-up to an unwillingness to compromise on control issues between the two sets of executives - something typically worked out prior to merger announcements.


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