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NetAcuity Edge Serves Hyperlocal IP Targeting

To better serve clients that want to geo-target online ads at a more granular level, Digital Element launched NetAcuity Edge, a hyperlocal IP targeting service.

NetAcuity Edge's platform is based on a hyperlocal data set, composed of validated geographic data that came from users. Narrow as far down as postal code.

The data was gathered with help from Digital Element partners, which conducted a number of online interactions that made it necessary for users to enter location information. Such entries included truncated IP addresses, postal codes, cities and towns.

The material was scrubbed for accuracy, then extrapolated, but not without observing customer privacy standards that forbid collection of any personally identifiable information, Digital Element said. Thus individual identities remain anonymous, protecting consumers while advertisers reap the benefit of hyperlocal targeting.

"When Digital Element started 10 years ago, IP targeting at a country level was originally sufficient for most customers' needs, and since then it’s been a series of progressions," expounded EVP Rob Friedman of Digital Element.

"Now […] customers are demanding better accuracy with higher granularity […] to enable better targeting of messages and the delivery of more relevant information to users.

Digital Element claims that 10 years of engineering experience in IP intelligence and partner network liaisons were brought to bear for the conception of NetAcuity Edge.

"With NetAcuity Edge, we are offering the most accurate postal-code-level database on the market," Friedman vowed.

The NetAcuity Edge partner program is open to all existing Digital Element clients, as well as new clients and prospects worldwide. Contact the company directly for information on how to join.


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