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Mystery Solved: With So Few People Familiar with QR Codes, Why Do Marketers Use Them?

Increasingly a conundrum has been observed and wondered about: with so few people familiar and comfortable with QR codes, why do marketers persist in using them?

One reason is undoubtedly their sex appeal: they are last year’s augmented reality apps. However, there is also a wealth of statistics to show that they do have an impact on those consumers that do respond to them, the latest from Chadwick Martin Bailey’s CMB Consumer Pulse program. It found that nearly 1 in 5 people made a purchase after scanning a QR Code.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that QR codes are being used in increasing ways. More marketers are making them a part of integrated campaigns.  They are also increasingly being used by retailers at transportation hubs as a way to make quick purchases.

They are also breathing new life into established formats such as email marketing and as OFM, an office and school furniture manufacturer now shows, in product catalogs.


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