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Mysterious Billboard May Be Google Recruitment Ad

Builder UK: Does online puzzle lead to Google?

A mysterious billboard on Northern California's Highway 101 poses a mathematical puzzle linked to a site - which reportedly is hosted on a Google server. Updated…

Programmers gossiping on message boards are concluding it's a recruiting test for the Mountain View search engine, which has been aggressively seeking computer science and language experts. The ad seems to ask what the first 10-digit series in the constant e constitutes a prime number. Even liberal arts grads might find this to be 7427466391, but the site leads to a second puzzle that seems to be just a bit tougher.

Not that they're unhappy with their current employment, the MarketingVOX staff noodled on it for a bit and came up with some theories. A few early ones were posted here Friday. The first three numbers in the series constitute 10-digit sequences of e (digits 1-10, 5-14 and 23-32), and from this we started tinkering around to come up with some guesses.

Update: The answer turned out to be the consecutive sequences of ten digits that added up to the sum of 49. At least one reader (Michael Coduro) came up with the correct answer, actually going through the effort of writing his own program to conduct the calculations. We thought that's what interns were for.

We made our way to the payoff page (pictured here), and we discovered that we were now the proud owners of the privilege to apply to work at Google. Wouldn't that be a hoot.


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