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Multiscreen Watchers Were Out in Force During the Super Bowl

Several companies ran ads during the Super Bowl with another screen in mind—the mobile device–besides the television set. The prime indicator? The number of Tweets that ran during the game, indicating that people had their eyes on both screens.

Most Tweets Ever, A lot of Search Activity

The Super Bowl broke all Twitter records, according to iProspect, with an average of 10,000+ Tweets Per Second. They peaked at games end with 12,223 Tweets Per Second.

Search activity during the game also pointed to distracted TV viewers. iProspect found that "game winning drive" and “Wes Welker’s dropped pass” were the top searched plays during the fourth quarter of the game.

Multiple Screens, Multiple Engagements

Chevy took advantage of this trend by releasing a free app for game watchers, meant to be played as the Big Game aired. As part of the app, available on both the iPad and Android, Chevy gave away 20 new cars. "Each Chevy ad was available to view in the free Chevy Game Time app once it aired during the game broadcast," writes Zdnet. "Once aired, the app constantly asked users trivia questions about the ads to give away prizes. The overall experience was pretty good, and a unique way to tap into the frenzy of the big game."

The Impact of Live Streaming

Google noted that this was the first time the game was live streamed, and there was a significant spike in searches related to Super Bowl live streaming on game day. Searches peaked at kickoff, and were made predominantly on desktop, followed by mobile phones and then tablets.

Searches for the Spanish language version of the live stream made the list of top trending queries. In addition, it noted, around 41% of searches related to Super Bowl ads that were made during the game came from mobile devices, up from 25% for the same time the day prior.


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