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More Attempts to Tempt Premium Publishers to Robotic Selling

Doomed Anyhow?

The drumbeat of up-and-coming tech firms entreating traditional publishers to entrust their media with them continues. The argument, as forwarded by an iSocket executive: the buying process is inefficient, and a pain point for advertisers, publishers need to fall in line to keep them.

Of the three main ways premium publishers can participate (real-time bidding; a direct sales platform; or a private exchange), the direct sales platform is the least scary for publishers, as it is least likely to put their media up against cheaper competition.

iSocket is one of the big three in that arena, and Ben Trenda, iSocket's chief revenue officer commented to that "There are still those who believe that this glass ceiling exists because of inertia and that, in some utopian future, every impression will clear in an auction …. Think about it— what other industry has a perishable product that is sold wholly in a spot market auction?"


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