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Mobile Tickets Following the Same Tract as Mobile Coupons

Much like mobile coupons a few years ago, mobile tickets - for movies, events and even transportation - is an up-and-coming consumer technology that holds significant opportunity for marketers.

According to a new study from Juniper Research called "Mobile Commerce Strategies", mobile ticketing transactions are forecast to exceed $100 billion (based on gross transaction value) as soon as 2012. This is more than double the market in 2010, making it one of the main factors driving the growth of mobile commerce. (via MarketingCharts).

Unlike with mobile coupons, though, there are only a few examples of mobile ticketing. What there is, however, points to the technology's potential.

The ESPN Example

One recent example is the partnership recently forged by ESPN and StubHub to introduce a mobile ticketing application that will allow fans to buy tickets directly from their mobile phone. Called the StubHub Mobile Ticketing Center, the application will be available through both the ESPN ScoreCenter App and the ESPN Mobile Web.

Another example, albeit in the pilot stage, is the venture between and Mobiqa, a company specializing in mobile barcode ticketing solutions. They are launching a paperless, mobile ticketing pilot program that will send movie tickets directly to consumers' mobile devices via barcode for shows at participating Classic Cinemas theatres in Chicago. The bar code, acting as a mobile ticket, will then be scanned at the theatres.

Overseas Markets

Foreign markets are embracing the technology as well. bCODE, a provider of mobile coupon, mobile ticket and mobile affinity platforms, has partnered with Venture Corporation to provide paperless ticketing for Golden Village Cinemas, the largest cinema chain in Singapore. Consumers receive bCODE text message tickets on their smartphones - as well as coupon incentives - that they redeem at a bCODE MediaPlane, the interactive touch-screen scanning device. The bCODE MediaPlane reads the bCODE text message and provides digital content, offers and entertainment, in addition to being an admission tool.


Then there is Southwest Airlines' iPhone app, introduced earlier this year, which allows customer to purchase tickets using their mobile devices. Travelers can book a flight, check in for the flight, check on flight status and book a car reservation.


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