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Mobile Killing Popunders | Check-Ins Latest Fad to Jump Shark


  • Google is penalizing British newspapers for selling ads that do not also contain nofollow links, effectively allowing advertisers to gin up some extra pagerank with the purchase of what appears to be an organic link.
  • …Which may be embarrassing for Google, seeing as it has been an active participant in purchasing links through ads in the U.K.
  • SearchEngineLand reviews the horror stories of the most-affected sites beaten down two years ago by the "Panda" algorithm update that addressed content farms.

Intrusive Ad Formats:

  • Tripadvisor appears to have recognized that its ubiquitous pop-unders that flog third party travel services might be both annoying to users and also increasingly inefficient due to the percentage of traffic that became immune to them by going mobile. So they cut it out.

Ad Fad Roundup:

  • As big brands lurch from one marketing fad to another, the "check-ins" marketing scheme appears to be jumping the shark, according to comments solicited by Digiday. It turns out again that a startup's valuation has little relationship with the efficacy of the marketing services it is selling.


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