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Mobile Computing Getting 'Bigger and Bigger'

New projections (pdf) from Morgan Stanley introduced at last week's Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco surprised the tech community with  bullish assumptions about mobile computing's growing adoption – or rather, future dominance.

These findings, coupled with several recent announcements about new devices and mobile strategies, are serving as a wake-up call to marketers: Not only must they continue to emphasize mobile strategies in their plans, they must also pay attention to the new and ever-expanding devices and device platforms on which consumers will be viewing their campaigns.

Essentially, mobile internet usage is becoming “bigger and will be bigger than most think,” according to Morgan Stanley's Mary Meeker, whose presentation has attracted a great deal of attention and analysis. Meeker predicts that the mobile internet will be the “next major computing cycle" that will "surprise to upside for years to come."

Another factor, she said, is that mobile users "tend to pay" for premium services and content.

New Devices

Newer and ever-sexier mobile devices will also likely fuel this trend - as illustrated by the number of new announcements in the last few weeks.

Though Apple's iPhone is currently winning raves from customers in numerous satisfaction studies and is spawning a host of apps from industries from Healthcare to car care, the Android platform is becoming a more significant industry force, with the latest example provided by the forthcoming Motorola Droid - yet another device that has been dubbed an iPhone killer, at least by eWeek.

The larger story for marketers, however, is the growing number of Android devices on the market. “A lot of manufacturers are walking into our office and talking about how important Android is becoming to them,” Cole Brodman, the chief development officer of T-Mobile, is quoted in the New York Times.

"Android is ramping with more manufacturers and more price points. It is going to have a pretty significant impact,” Brodman said.

It also appears as though the much-rumored Apple tablet computer will become a reality soon, according to an analysis by PC World's Ian Paul.  Then there is the introduction of Barnes & Noble's e-reader, the Nook, last week, which also is expected to provide ad opportunities once it ramps up.


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