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Microsoft Announces Shiny New Ad Formats

Gears of War for Xbox,
much-toted last year

Microsoft just made a slew of announcements that covers everything from new ad formats to when customers can expect a new browser, reports the Seattle Times.

The company unveiled a new ad format comprised of mapping software, video games and other interactive components. Presently in testing phase at Walt Disney Resorts, Nissan and BBC Radio, the format could help differentiate Microsoft from Google and Yahoo.

Microsoft hopes web developers will use the tools it provides to create their own customized ads.

They also hope to develop their Entertainment and Devices Division, which lost $315 million last year due to Xbox production costs. The console itself is expected to turn a profit next year.

The company did not give a firm date for the release of the next version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft acknowledges it needs to update the software more frequently in the future but is hesitant to say just when the next release will come.


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