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Microsoft, Google Incorporate Gamification in Unusual Places

Microsoft and Google are incorporating gamification into two un-game like products—the Visual Studio development programs and maps, respectively–illustrating the growing trend of using such technology to increase adoption.

Microsoft introduced a new plug-in for its Visual Studio development program that lets software developers unlock achievements, receive badges and work their way up a leaderboard based on the code they write, Geekwire reports. There are 32 achievements. Badges fall into a wide range of categories including "Lonely"–for coding on a Friday or Saturday night and the "Scroll Bar Wizard" badge–for writing a single line of code at least 300 characters long.

Google Gamifies Maps

Next month Google will be delivering a gamified maps app, according to MSNBC. The game, as yet unnamed, is being driven by Google Maps, for its Google+ Games platform. It will likely be provided via an Android-powered device, and navigated by motion control capabilities.

Marketing Too

Gaming will be incorporated at an increasing rate in marketing apps as well, this year, predicts Garret Ippolito of He tells Enterprise Apps Today that as companies redouble their efforts to improve the effectiveness of social media marketing, gamification, or the integration of game mechanics into marketing activities, will be a focus. "Gamification is not a passing fad, it is here to stay," Ippolito predicted.


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