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Microsoft Folds on QR Code Tech

One reason why QR codes may not have caught on with the public–at least to the degree that marketers would like–is the varying providers and systems.  One vendor, Microsoft, has surrendered by opening its proprietary Microsoft Tag so it can read and generate QR bar codes.

Likely the reason is that Microsoft has recognized that Tag will not be able to gain critical mass at this point, Dan Shust, director of emerging media at interactive marketing firm Resource Interactive, told Internet Retailer.

Certainly, there are a number of vendors on this space, offering platforms enhanced with back end analytics and other bells and whistles. For a list compiled by MarktingVox, read this entry.

Not that Microsoft didn't bring a robust offering to its customers: Its solution lets users create and deploy Tags, scan them with a single reader, analyze the results, and update the content without changing the Tag. There are also features to create custom Tags, and deliver a wide range of content, from product details and videos to interactive games and apps. It's also free.

The Lincoln Electric Campaign

Lincoln Electric, a provider of welding equipment and technology, used 2D Microsoft Tag barcodes to market its welding products. The codes appear edon the product nameplates, that when scanned from a web-enabled camera phone gave consumers in the pre-sale distributor showroom more information on product selection.

Post-sales, they provided operational tips and support resources. Users were also be able to pull up videos, product specification sheets and competitive product comparisons, instruction manuals, related articles and company contact information.

The Problem?

Microsoft’s technology, however, is two-dimensional, which according to Internet Retailer, did not provide enough reach to penetrate the market.


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