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Men Go Online to Consider Valentine's Day Options

I sure can't wait to
get home to Parallels.

More than half the men in a study by DoubleClick Performics plan to shop online for Valentine's Day, reports Internet Retailer.

Across both genders, 47 percent of respondents said they would go online for Valentine's Day shopping. Among men, the percentage is 57 percent, versus 39 percent of women.

But not everyone makes the purchase online. 32 percent of those using the internet are shopping for ideas. 12 percent are seeking a store's phone number and address.

Convenience was the chief reason to crawl the web for Valentine's Day gifts, cited by 48 percent of online users. 19 percent were not sure why they did so.

Some websites hope to cash in on the impulse. Adrants reported a liaison between bouquet vendor and, whereby users that order flowers can get downloadable software for free.


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