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Marketing Data Roundup: Android mobile web browsing grows 400% in Q2

Following are recent findings by various studies on marketing and advertising-related topics. For a more in-depth look at some of these subjects, visit our sister site,

Android Mobile Web Browsing Grows 400% in Q2

The volume of mobile web browsing from Android phones grew by 400% between Q1 and Q2 2010 in the US, according to new statistics by Bango. Mobile web browsing via Apple grew 13% in that same time period, translating into a market share decline of 16%.

Close to Half of IBM Partners Unsure How to Apply Social Media to Sales

Forty-five percent of IBM Business Partners are experimenting with a social media business strategy to generate new revenue streams; however, three quarters say they still are uncertain how to apply it as an effective sales tool, according to survey results from 1,000 IBM worldwide partners.

Mature Consumers Seek Edgy Brands

There is a growing audience of experienced, less-easily shocked, outspoken consumers that appreciate brands that are a little bit more daring and outspoken, according to consumer insights firm This is part of a growing trend called "Maturialism," which is part of a larger social trend calls "Brand Fabric" — defined as brands truly needing to focus on how to move with the culture.


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