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Madison Avenue Rejects Google's Brand Advertising Efforts

Kings of Search,
but Brand Pretenders

Despite Google's steady expansion into radio, print, and video in order to attract brand ad budgets, Google isn't bringing in the big marketers and their agencies, at least in part because it insists on trafficking and reporting all the ads itself.

"We can't use their networks if they don't allow third-party serving," AKQA's Andrew O'Dell told ClickZ. "It's not worth trying to maintain a separate universe. We're not going to do a buy that's got 95 percent of our inventory running on an ad server and the other 5 percent sitting there as an outlier."

Google won't allow third-party management firms such as DoubleClick and Atlas to deliver its ads. These platforms and others like them have helped consolidate serving and reporting for display campaigns that can run on hundreds of individual sites.

Google responded to ClickZ with a statement, saying "to manage this experience effectively, Google serves all ads that run on and the Google content and search advertising networks. We allow for third-party click-tracking, but not serving at this time."

Google's brand advertising success will likely hinge around what those last three words imply.


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