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Lucasfilm to Star Wars Fans: 'Make Your Own'

Star Wars officially open
to fan manipulation

Lucasfilm is partnering with Eyespot to allow people to mash-up clips from all six Star Wars films for their own creations, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Eyespot will make about 250 clips from the series available on the site. Fans can mix them up, add segments to and build their own videos.

The system uses simple drag-and-drop functionality to make creation as simple as possible for all users. The videos will eventually include pre-roll ads. Eyespot recently partnered with Tremor Media for contextual video ad insertion.

Completed creations can be shared with friends or posted online.

Sanctioning this process, then making the clips available, enables Lucasfilm to monetize a pastime already engaged-in by fans on sites like YouTube.

The clips will appear on for people to use and re-use. Most of them run 60 seconds in length and capture some of the more memorable moments from the six films.

Terms of use include a prohibition on offensive content. A group of human screeners will serve as back-up to an automated filtering system.

Eyespot and Lucasfilm will split all proceeds. Tremor Media will be managing the ad sales component of the relationship.


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