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Look Out Apple, Here Comes Google to Rain on Your Parade Again

Apple was on track to becoming the premier provider of mobile OS for smartphones. Until, that is, Google rained on its parade with the launch of Android. Now look at it: survey after survey - the latest from comScore MobiLens data - illustrates Android's growth.

Chrome Notebook

Now here comes Google again, this time to douse Apple's attempts to replicate its app-model for laptops and PCs with its forthcoming Mac Store. In an event Tuesday, Google provided details about forthcoming Chrome notebooks and its partnership with Verizon Wireless that will provide "seamless web connectivity."

Notebooks sporting the OS will be made by Samsung and Acer and be on the market mid next year. The no-contract plan is pay as you go, starting at $9.99 per month with 100MB free every month.

A demo of the product was held at the Google event: according to reviews, its best feature is its speed and simplicity with a near-instant boot and resume. It also has an offline mode and guest feature mode, which means users can continue to work on documents even as someone else is updating them.

Targeting Developers

Then there is the newly updated Chrome Web Store, an applications storefront for the Chrome browser and Chrome OS, which includes apps from NPR, Sports Illustrated and the New York Times. Google is trying to entice developers with more options to expose and sell apps, writes Rob Hob. The NPR Web app, for instance, offers some slick touches like the ability to run podcasts in the background. Dreams 2, a $1.99 game for kids, can be easily bought via Google Checkout and installed right away, he also noted, while CloudCanvas, for $4.99 a month, can be tried for free.


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