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LocaModa Weds iPhones to Times Square Spectacolor Board

Word game Jumbli, which connects audiences with thousands of place-based screens, including Clear Channel's Spectacolor Jumbotron in Times Square, can now be played via iPhones.

The game, from LocaModa, has users build words from a screen of floating letters. Jumbli is displayed several times per hour on the Spectacolor screen; when Jumbli is live in Times Square, all plays made during that period are displayed in real-time, reports MediaBuyerPlanner.

Jumbli also shows up on screens across out-of-home digital networks including Danoo, BarCast, Ecast and Zoom Media & Marketing.

The Times Square screen displays Jumbli on the top two-thirds of the screen; an ad takes up the bottom third.

Steve King, LocaModa's vp of sales, commented on LocaModa's cross-channel branding and user engagement: "LocaModa is focused on extending the engagement of brands to users who would otherwise be beyond their reach. Our platform is unique in its ability to reach audiences across social networks and into social locations via web, mobile and place-based networks." King points out that Jumbli's high audience recall resulted in an average mobile engagement time of 4.2 minutes per player, and an average web engagement of 76 minutes per player.


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