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Joe Jaffe on How to Sell the Internet to the Unbelieavers

iMedia Connection: Preaching to the Choir

Many of us have made the statement "preaching to the choir" when we refer to the loud, enthusiastic conversations we have had among ourselves regarding the benefit of the Internet as a medium. We get frustrated when our traditional counterparts don't "get it" or don't want to "be bothered"

All well and good but Joe's point is this: we are doing a bad job selling our industry. We are not the cheerleaders we need to be. We are not properly re-packaging the reams of data we have that prove this medium to be worthwhile.

So, what do we do? Present all those MarketingSerpha case studies in your weekly account/client meetings. Polish up those IAB findings into nifty PowerPoint presenations. Make use of eMarketers daily dose of data. Sell, baby, sell.


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