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Is Facebook or Twitter More Business Friendly?

There is little doubt that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can help even the tinniest business. Where there is doubt - plenty of it - is which platform is better for business. A case can be - and has been - made for both Twitter and Facebook. But asking marketers to pick one to the exclusion of the other is a harder exercise. The companies we queried about this, though, came through. On Thursday we looked at the feedback from an informal MarketingVox survey that makes the best case for Twitter being the platform of choice for business. Today is Facebook's turn.

Facebook is about building relationships.

Choosing Facebook over Twitter is a no-brainer if you want to build a relationship over the long-term with a customer, says Greg Pitstick, author of Smart Entrepreneur's Guide To Social Networking. "Let's look at what happened" on Thursday, June 30, he says. " Four times as many people went to Facebook than Twitter and they spend an four times as long on the site. According to Alxiz, 7.8% of internet users went to Twitter and spent an average of 7.8 min while 33.8% of all internet users went to Facebook and spend an average of 31.9 min there."

Our customers know who we really are on Facebook.

Doug Heddings, founder of the Heddings Property Group, a boutique brokerage firm in New York says Facebook is much more personal, allowing him and his agents to develop a rapport and chemistry with people they’ve often never met face to face."Facebook gives people a more genuine concept of who we really are as we blend personal messages with business news. All members of our firm are administrators of our company Facebook page allowing them to share interesting and relative news and updates with our followers at their leisure."

It also lets us show off what we can do.

Granted, this may be specific to design oriented firms, but with visual communications so important to so many industries it is worth emphasizing. Marc Spector, principle of Spector Group, an architectural and design firm in New York, prefers Facebook because it maximizes its design approach. "Spector Group has Facebook fans around the globe and enjoy seeing our daily updates on new commissions, existing projects and our thoughts and opinions on architecture et al. We also new see our fans posting their own designs on our fan page for our viewing."

It is ideal for educational tips and service inquiries.

Laura Higgins, director of marketing for Bellco Credit Union says Facebook offers a more meaningful platform for businesses to communicate with consumers and key stakeholders. "It is also “an increasingly important forum to share educational tips and respond to customer service inquiries," she says". Bellco members know that the bank is listening and that social media provides ready access to the credit union for quick responses to their questions."

You can network easier.

A Facebook business page will allow you to gain valuable information from your "fans" and get them to engage with your company, says Heather Logrippo, CEO of Expose Yourself PR. "Once you capture your "fans" you can market to them over and over again. A good business page can also convert prospects into customer which will ultimately increase sales."

It is favored by Generation X

William M. Kotis III, president and CEO of Kotis Properties, says that for both the company's restaurant and real estate divisions, Facebook is the preferred platform for that reason. "I think teens and 20-somethings might use twitter more. For our core target audience - we want 35-55 year olds - I think Facebook is the preferred social network for them."


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