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Ipsos: MP3 Players, Content Booming

Some 20 percent of Americans over age 12 own at least one portable MP3 player - and among teens ownership reaches 54 percent - but those players contain less downloaded content and more music ripped from CD, according to an Ipsos Insight study, reports CNET. About 44 percent of all music downloaders use their CDs as the primary source of MP3 player content, and 6 percent rip from others' CDs. Only 25 percent use fee-based music downloads.

According to Ipsos's TEMPO report, a quarterly study of digital music behaviors, males continue to lead females in portable MP3 player ownership, with nearly one quarter (24 percent) of U.S. males aged 12 and older owning a device, compared with 16 percent of females.

Interest in viewing music videos, photos, TV shows and full-length movies is especially strong among younger consumers: Over one-third of music downloaders between the ages of 12 and 24 say they are extremely or very interested in viewing video content on their portable devices (see graph), compared with fewer than one-fifth among downloaders age 25-54.

But radio listening is one of the most desired additional uses for portable MP3 players. Nearly half (46 percent) of teens and college-aged downloaders are interested in portable FM radio, and 39 percent express interest being able to access satellite radio on their portable device. Roughly one-third of 25-54-year-old downloaders are interested in FM and satellite radio capabilities (37 and 32 percent, respectively).

Nearly half of music downloaders own a portable MP3 player (48 percent), and these owners use their devices an average of 12 hours per week. Younger downloaders use their MP3 players more often (average of over 16 hours per week among teens), but have less digital content stored. Overall, an average of 700 songs or files are stored on a U.S. music downloader's MP3 player.


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