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iPad Users are the Same Everywhere. Their Campaigns Too

About 1% of all Russian internet users connect via the Apple iPad, according to Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine. In addition, these people, which more than 700,000 people–a number that has increased six times over the year from January 2011–act in ways very similar to their overseas counterparts.

Yandex found that Russia’s users do not limit themselves to the specialized mobile apps but also view webpages and browse the web as actively as PC users do. iPad users tend to go online in the evening and during the weekend. On a weekday, they make 57% of their search queries after 7 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, the number of search queries made from the iPad increases 20% compared with a weekday.

Compared with the average Yandex user, iPad owners make significantly more search queries about topics related to travel and home. They are also more likely to look for products and services online. As far as entertainment content, mobile app search or social networking is concerned, iPad users revert to specialized apps instead of browsing the web.

Growing Inroads

Yandex’s research illustrates the encroaching role that iPads have as users connect to the Internet.  54% of global IT and business professionals say that their iPad has partly replaced their laptop, while a further 16% say it has completely replaced their laptop, according to a survey released in January 2012 by IDG Connect.

Adoption of the iPad has also curtailed usage of other devices: 43% say it has partly replaced their smartphone, while about one-third say it has partly replaced their PC, TV/DVD player, and MP3 player. Just 28% say the iPad has partly replaced their games console.

In another survey, 41% of tablet owners say they use their device to extend their TV experience to various activities such as looking up, posting, and chatting about what they are watching on TV, according to a January 2012 study from Discovery Communications. Additionally, 53% said they use their iPad while watching TV to find other content.

In fact, 43% of the device owners surveyed said they watch TV and go online simultaneously either all the time (18%) or some of the time (25%), compared to 33% of the non-iPad owners surveyed.

Tailoring Campaigns

As these common themes come into focus, they can help brands tailoring ad campaigns for the iPad. BBH New York, for instance, took advantage of the iPad’s "couch potato factor"–that is, the tendency of users to use their iPads while kicking back on the sofa, as it crafted a campaign for BBC iPlayer, an iPad app to access the broadcaster's content. (via Creativity Online).

It features a series of spots and short films of U.K. celebrities speaking earnestly about personal topics — while a finger pokes them in the face. The point is the illustrate how users can touch and control the shows they watch on the new player.

"We needed a simple motif to tie that idea together," BBH chief creative officer John Patroulis told the publication. "The joy of it is that all that content is at your fingertips. So we made that literal.". The campaign includes interactive banners and Facebook and iPad games.


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