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Intelliseek's BlogPulse 'Technorati Slayer' Killer Ap


Intelliseek yesterday announced upgrades for its free BlogPulse tool that will allow users to see a blogger's rank by citations, rank fluctuations, recent posts, blogs that have recently linked to them, which sources they frequently link to, and which bloggers are most influenced by them, Media Post reported.

The upgrades combine to constitute a "Technorati slayer," according to Jason Dowdell's Marketing Shift blog, which provides a functional breakdown of the new BlogPulse features and "what makes BlogPulse different from Technorati, Feedster, IceRocket and every other blog search engine out there."

The new features include BlogPulse Profiles, including rank, rank and post trends, sources, and citation trends; Daily Analytics, including the top posts, blogs, news stories, news sources in the blogosphere daily, along with RSS feeds for them; a streamlined user interface that integrates all features; and backend enhancements, including the indexing of more blog content each day and increased performance of all end-user tools.


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