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Integrated Campaign Kicks off's Promotion of New Tools, Search Engine has launched an integrated print, television and online campaign to promote a new job matching search engine and set of online job seeking tools. It kicked off the campaign with a spot on the AFC Championship game and plans to run another during next month's Super Bowl.

The print ads have already begun to run in the Wall Street Journal and more than 100 regional newspapers, as well as HR Executive, Wired and Fast Company. Connecting these two media channels will be the online component, which includes both digital ads and an interactive Facebook element, as well as's new search engine and job searching tools.

Monster Advantage
"Monster understands that looking for a job can be daunting - especially now," says Paul Suchman, EVP at BBDO. The campaign's goal is to introduce job searchers and their prospective employers to Monster's latest set of online tools "in an optimistic, confident and entertaining way … consistent with the brand's advertising heritage."

The campaign, called "Get a Monster Advantage" features, as describes it, a "miscast Boogeyman that lands the dream job he's been looking for." Conceived and developed by BBDO New York, the Boogeyman spots feature a down-trodden Boogeyman no longer able to effectively scare kids. Then he goes to and is matched with a perfect new office job as a CPA.

Online Component

The online ads will be placed on high impact take-over units on both general and vertically oriented site. It has also developed a Facebook app for the campaign. In addition, there is a social media extension for the cable and television ads, allowing viewers to engage with the character beyond the spot itself.

The campaign's next 30-second spot will debut during the Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7, featuring another archetypal character on a journey to the perfect job match.

The new tools is spotlighting include:

  • 6Sense, a semantic search engine for job seekers and employers.
  • Online career planning tools allow seekers to chart a path for success.
  • 17 networking communities scaled to specific fields.


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