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InMobi Launches Privacy-Friendly, No-Cost Mobile Conversion Tracking

InMobi, the independent mobile advertising network, has announced the launch of its free-to-integrate-and-use mobile conversion tracking platform, InMobi Ad Tracker.

The platform is designed to allow advertisers and agencies to track any post-click mobile conversion (app downloads, lead generations, sales, or other events) across all mobile marketing channels (both, ad networks and mobile publishers) through a single platform. The solution supports tracking of conversions across iOS Apps, Android Apps, and Mobile Web properties.

The InMobi Ad Tracker is separate from the InMobi ad network and is not reliant on the unique device identifiers (UDIDs) at the center of privacy concerns. This combination provides “the only independent, scalable and cost-effective solution for managing mobile campaign performance in a rapidly growing market,” claimed the company in a statement.

Anne Frisbie, the company's North American VP and managing director, explained some advantages to DMNews.

First, UDID tracking is on the way out. Apple for example announced last August it would restrict app developers from leveraging them. “The scale of your campaign is impacted if you're using just UDIDs,” Frisbie said. “Whatever you're measuring isn't going to be viable in the long term.” So, InMobi Ad Tracker uses other less-invasive identifiers like cookies and Open Device Identification Numbers (ODIN).

Frisbie added that InMobi Ad Tracker “tracks whatever you want to track,” including app downloads, email forms for leads, and sales and engagement rates. So InMobi promises a single-picture view of what does and does not engage, and is and is not worth marketing bucks, and in real time. Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, VP of Products at InMobi, described how the real-time insights of Ad Tracker enables real-time optimization. “This will in turn drive more accountability for spend in mobile, benefiting the entire mobile ecosystem; from advertisers to publishers and app developers."

The company describes the benefits as including:

  • Network agnostic and works across all mobile ad networks
  • Tracks multiple conversion types across mobile web and app inventory
  • Combines multiple tracking technologies to ensure no dependencies on UDID
  • Single login to access conversion data across all mobile ad networks
  • Real time dashboard view of all conversion events
  • Ability to define customized goals, for example, downloads, registrations, payments etc.
  • Conversion data can be passed back to the originating mobile ad networks to enable real-time optimization
  • Easy SDK integration for iOS and Android Apps and JavaScript integration for mobile web campaigns


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