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Infusionsoft Wins Gargantuan Financing

Do-It-Yourself Marketing Platform

Marketing management platforms are increasingly seen as must-haves, in part due to the ever-increasing diversity of marketing tactics available to advertisers in the digital age. But a $54 million investment Goldman Sachs just made in Infusionsoft implies a level of investment unseen but for major industry players expected to control a specific and large portion of internet infrastructure.

The sheer scale of the financing begs the question of what Infusionsoft plans to do with the cash. In their statement, they mention three things:

  • Product Development
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Partner Education (domestic and internationally)

Their market is a large one, focusing on small businesses with employee numbers ranging between two and 25. It is a very large market that currently does not have a consolidated set of general marketing platform vendors, and currently does not have a high usage penetration among those existing vendors.

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