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Industry Buzz & Snippets: 3/25/08

Avoid photo fees. Steal
images with ads in 'em

Ad Networks and Analytics:

  • New ad networks will form a Long Tail into niche communities that aggregate multiple destinations, according to a new report from DeSilva + Phillips.
  • Phorm is generating more press for its controversial behavioral ad tools. Phorm markets is wares to thirsty ISPs.
  • AdBrite has launched a Network Partnership program that allows networks to sell inventory through its marketplace.
  • Google has pulled ads from its new search-within-results pages, likely because publishers were upset that it was infringing further into its pageview/ad sales territory.
  • Users of Microsoft's adCenter platform now have a redesigned community for advice and tips. They can also get reports and interact with other advertisers and Microsoft staff.

Agencies and Execs:

  • Lauren de La Fuente was named the new Vice President of Brand Solutions and Marketing at Reactrix.
  • Mitsubishi is soliciting RFPs for a new creative agency.
  • Merkle was selected to provide email marketing and creative services for Samsung Electronics America, Samsung Electronics Canada and Samsung Telecommunications America.
  • Starcom will be organizing online and traditional ad strategy for Bank of America from now on.
  • GM Nathalie Montaldier of Lagardere's Global Advertising department has been appointed a member of the company's executive committee.



  • ZDNet observed the appearance of a new Google mobile feature that lets users find local businesses without typing anything.
  • The Chinese government is investigating how millions of mobile users recently received unwanted text ads on their devices.


  • After deciding it wouldn't present an obstacle to competition, the Justice Department approved the XM/Sirius merger.
  • Sony BMG is planning an online music subscription service to give people access to its entire catalog, with options for downloading and owning the music.
  • Sony BMG and Warner Music Group also plan to make music available through the still-gestating MySpace Music.

Online Content:

  • A service called PicApp lets bloggers find copyrighted photos that display small contextual ads when embedded.
  • Business and manufacturing content exchange provider WebCollage raised $10 million in financing through an investment round led by Greylock Partners.
  • Best Buy is sponsoring the online series Making Your Kitchen Cook With Sara Moulton. It is syndicated across the web by Studio One Networks.
  • Adify launched Adify Widget Share, a content syndication platform for publisher networks.

Online Video:

  • "Got Milk?" is coming to YouTube with a video series, starring a fictional rocker who loves milk.
  • ABC isn't contributing online programming on Hulu anytime soon, largely because it's getting near-TV rates from ad buyers and seeing viewership grow on
  • The next update of PlayStation 3 software will include allowing users to download music, games and more. There will also be increased cross-functionality between the PS3 and the PSP mobile device.
  •, which calls itself "the thinking-man’s YouTube," has formed an exclusive relationship with Winstar Interactive Media. Winstar will sell ad space for the site.

Social Networks:

  • Facebook is prepping the launch of its "Preferred Application" program, a system meant to stop the flood of application spam to users.
  • CEO Ian Schafer of Deep Focus was interviewed by Agency Spy about his company's take on social media.
  • Healia has launched Healia Communities, where people can discuss ailments and share resources.


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