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Industry Buzz & Snippets: 10/21/09

Web 2.0 News and Trends:

  • Rumor has it that Google will launch a music initiative called One Box to offer song previews, artist bios, graphics, and video - but no downloads or subscriptions. One Box won't be limited to music, according to CNET's Stephen Shankland. There are several different kinds of 'One Box' searches, including those for movies and stock quotes.
  • Several farm lobbying groups have established a presence on Facebook and Twitter in an effort to reach out to farmers.
  • Accenture Interactive has taken a minority equity stake in Adchemy, a provider of audience relationship management, in a venture between the two to provide services to large companies and their agency partners.
  • Canoe Ventures,an interactive-advertising joint venture, is looking to increase its employee count by 40%.

Mobile Devices:

  • Apple has revamped its iMac, MacBook and Mac mini lines - but as usual did not lower prices for the least-expensive new models.
  • More takes on RIM's newly released BlackBerry Bold 9700.
  • Details on Verizon's forthcoming second Android based smartphone, code-named 'Motorola Calgary."

Operating Systems:

  • Set for Thursday release, Windows 7 is looking likely to remain the top desktop browser of choice in the US. In the UK, it has already become the biggest-grossing pre-order in Amazon's history, even moreso than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. .
  • Not that competitors aren't trying to dislodge Windows 7 from its presumed perch. Canonical and IBM have teamed up to offer an alternative: IBM's Client for Smart Work that runs on Canonical's Ubuntu Linux distribution. Because it runs on older hardware and cheap netbooks, companies won't have to contend with high hardware upgrade costs.
  • Microsoft, for its part, is already promoting the public betas of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 -Microsoft's business productivity and collaboration platforms, respectively. These products' success depend in large part on how well Windows 7 does.

Regulatory Updates:

  • Lobbying is increasing in advance of the FCC's expected net neutrality rules is increasing.  Verizon's CEO says the current debate about net neutrality is "extremely troubling" and risks halting progress in broadband development. AT&T is asking employees to protest against the forthcoming net neutrality rules. Congress remains bitterly divided over the proposal.
  • In the UK, controversy over a 'distributing' online public service ad for climate control is drawing regulatory attention.
  • Europe is still in a quandary over digitalized-books regulation and China is getting into the act and beginning to protest the related Google Books project.

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