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Industry Buzz & Snippets: 01/15/09

Don't you recognize them?

Ad Networks and Analytics:

  • Alloy Media's Network is now the No. #1 online community for teens, comScore reports. Its audience boasts 20 million users and served 5.98 million uniques in December.
  • One Harvard professor points to the broad dissemination of "deceptive" ads on Yahoo's Right Media network.

Agencies and Marketing Execs:

  • Following the departure of CEO Don Epperson, Paris-based Havas is restructuring its executive team. The firm named two replacement executives — COO Gabriel Saenz de Buruaga of Madrid, and CSO Anthony Rhind of London. Both will adopt the title of co-CEO.
  • Rick Schmitz joins David&Goliath as Digital Group Director.

Biz Buzz:

  • Blockbuster and CinemaNow have joined forces to deliver movies over the 'net.
  • Despite hard times at the Googleplex resulting in a number of existing services being shut down or discontinued, Google is nonetheless launching a self-servevideo ad creation service for AdWords customers. The service was developed in tandem with SpotMixer.

Campaigns of Note:

  • A recent Burger King campaign, which encouraged users to unfriend 10 friends on Facebook in exchange for a free Whopper, has reportedly run afoul of Facebook's privacy rules. The app — an immediate hit — is facing shutdown.
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group Equality Matters is holding its first online march for equality.

Legal, Government and Regulation:

  • China shut down 91 websites in its latest wave of online censorship.



  • HubSpot is hosting a webinar on five tips for advanced B2B business blogging.
  • In what it calls a "crucial year for news media," the Financial Times is planning 80 job cuts worldwide. 20 are likely to be editorial positions.
  • Joshua Karp has founded (and is funding) The Printed Blog, the "world's first" daily newspaper composed of blogs and other user-generated material.
  • The Huffington Post purchased, an irreverent comedy site that will lay the foundation for HuffPo's own comedy vertical.


Social Networks:

  • Storytlr, a service that aggregates streams from all your social networks (e.g. Flickr, Twitter, Yelp), differentiates itself by formatting your life in a chronological, story-like format. (For example, images, reviews and blogs from one vacation can all be accessed from one place.)
  • Later this month, Lyris will enable existing clients to measure their new media campaigns across sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and The new platform will be tied to Lyris HQ, which lets marketers share email and newsletter content on social media sites.
  • Comcast has joined the Oodle Network. On, Comcast users may now access sports, concerts, theater tickets and events.
  • The Pussycat Dolls have joined WeeWorld, a cutesy avatar community where users can create likenesses, buy clothes and decorate their bedrooms.
  • New Zealand's abuzz: at the invitation of police, Facebook users in Queenstown helped catch a criminal.
  • John Battelle argues traditional media coverage of new social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, is about as fickle as queen bee love in high school.


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