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ICANN Targets Domain Tasters

The practice known as "domain tasting" is getting another look by the Internet's main oversight body, reports the Associated Press.

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, said it will begin drafting proposals to crack down on "tasters" - those who buy up domains only to return most of them later.

The practice takes advantage of a system that allows a five-day grace period during which the buyer can try out a domain. The idea was originally to protect those who may have registered the wrong URL.

However, it is now used by those looking to see which sites can return high ad revenue after they're turned into keyword farms, spam blogs or other such sites.

It could be years for new rules to be adopted, but the body that oversees the ".org" domains says it's seen a drop in .org "tasting" after it implemented a fine on those who frequently return registered domains.


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