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IAB's Rising Stars Display Ad Units Lead to More Interaction

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a new Standard Ad Unit Portfolio at its IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.  Among these are the IAB Rising Stars Display ad units–six new interactive ad units developed with digital publishers and agencies. IAB and IPG Media Lab to looked at attentiveness, emotive response and brand lift as they tested each unit and found that consumers interact significantly more with Rising Stars ads than with incumbent standard ad units, such as the leaderboard and medium rectangle.

More Engaged

Users were 2.5 times more likely to interact with a Rising Stars ad unit than a standard ad unit, spent twice as much time interacting with the ad and took less time to react to the ad–two times quicker than with standard ads. Inaddition, eye-tracking showed that users viewed ads longer, by 31%, with Rising Stars units versus standard formats.

How They Captured the Data

IPG was able to reach these numbers via a combination of eye-tracking and facial-coding along with more traditional behavioral analytics and brand lift survey data, said Tim McAtee, Research Director, IPG Media.

"To do all of that in a respondent’s home using their webcam, gives us an amazing new view into the true impact of these cool new ad formats," he said.

Rise of Display

IAB releases the formats as new statistics show display is becoming a larger part of brands' advertising budgets.  Large brands delivered at least 1 billion display ads per quarter throughout the year, a February 2012 report from comScore. In Q4, 145 different advertisers delivered more than 1 billion impressions, representing a 38% increase from 105 in Q4 2010, and a 4.3% rise from 139 the prior quarter.


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