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HTML5 Ad Tech Is Here. Actual Standard to Follow

HTML5 hasn't solidified as a standard yet, but that hasn't stopped ad networks from rolling out platforms based on the current standard-in-progress.

MeFeedia has launched HTML5 Video as part of its All Player video ad application. "MeFeedia's latest version of their All Player platform now gives advertisers the ability to hit almost every connected device," according to Christophor Rick, CEO at Gamers Daily News, writing at Reel SEO. "The platform offers HTML 5 video tags with Flash fallback to still support the browsers that haven’t quite got HTML 5 implemented yet. That means everything from the iPad to older browsers will be able to view ads from MeFeedia advertisers."

Also, mDialog introduced HTML 5 and Adaptive video streaming for their service offering far more than just pre-roll ads, he also noted. Called HTML 5 video ad insertio, the company has "created an adaptive video streaming service based on HTML 5 with Dynamic Ad-insertion…Their platform allows for optimized ads and ad-insertion for users based on behavior, location, day-parting and more."

More Offerings

Such new offerings can be expected to crank out in earnest as the standards war between Adobe and Apple intensifies. And even though HTML5 is still a work-in-progress, it has made significant strides.  For example HTML5 has become a very capable markup language able to replicate much if not all that Flash could offer. says Philippe Le Hégaret, who is the W3C's interaction domain leader overseeing graphics, HTML, and video. (via PC World). Simple animations can be recreated in CSS while more complex animations can be done with the HTML5 canvas tag in conjunction with Javascript, he said.

That said, it is still a work in progress - and current standards could easily change in the final version, which means pages created with HTML5 will have to be redone. The HTML5 video tag is one example - browser makers are split over which video codec to use, PC World said.

Two Shops

A new report from Forrester finds that such gaps will ensure the survival of Flash for at least the next five years. "Inconsistent implementations of the draft HTML5 specification and immature tooling make building HTML5 apps that work with consistently across browsers and operating systems a real challenge," it said (via Network World). "Ultimately, HTML5 and RIA platforms will be complementary technologies and enterprise development shops will need to invest in both approaches to deliver expressive applications that combine reach and richness," Forrester said.


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