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Hispanic Internet Use, Shopping Propensity Soaring

Hispanics in the United States are adopting and using broadband and the internet at an above-average rate, according to an AOL/Roper U.S. Hispanic study, reports iMedia. Some 52 percent of the online Hispanic audience has converted to broadband - higher than the national average of 50 percent. Moreover, the conversion has occurred within a shorter time period. Hispanics also rely on the internet more, spending 9.2 hours a week online, compared with the 8.5-hour national average, according to the study. They also use the internet to listen to music and instant message at higher rates than the general population.

In general, Hispanics noted that they would spend more time online, and pay more attention to ads, if the content were in Spanish.

"This year's study shows that there is an incredible opportunity for marketers to reach the estimated 14 million Hispanics who are online - by providing them with the language options they desire," says Mark López, publisher of AOL Latino.

Meanwhile, AdAge reports that 56 percent of U.S. Hispanics polled said "I love to shop," compared with 39 percent of the general population, according to People en Espanol's fourth annual Hispanic Opinion Tracker (HOT), to be released this week. Survey participants said they spent on average $1,992 on clothing and accessories in the last 12 months, compared with $1,153 for general market consumers.

"Hispanics are much more impacted by advertising and marketing. They buy because of a product's image or the ads or because something is trendy or new on the market," says Jackie Hernandez Fallous, publisher of People en Espanol.


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